MCLP School tops area KS2 performance figures

Figures recently released by the DfE highlight the strong performance of our schools. Within the Kettering area, 4 MCLP schools were in the top 11, with Wilbarston Primary in the number one place. We are so proud of all our pupils, staff and schools. 

Read the full article from the Northants Telegraph here

Leadership Training

Leadership Training for Senior Leaders from MCLP schools held at the beginning of trh January term 2019.

Christmas celebrations at Havelock schools

Before Christmas over 500 children travelled in nine coachloads to the Kettering Lighthouse Theatre to watch a pantomime production of Aladdin. The children had a fantastic time, clapping along, cheering, singing and dancing along with the performance.

There were also seven different Xmas concerts performed by pupils at the end of last term, from Reception to Year 6. Some took place at local churches such as the United Reform Church and the Baptist Church, whilst others were performed for parents at school during the afternoons.

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